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[03 Dec 2006|09:40pm]

why is marcus dean on the interest list for this community..??
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a formal submission to a semi-formal gathering. [26 Oct 2006|12:33pm]



General Information
x-o1 Name: i really don't care, as long as we both know who you're refering to. i suppose entropicflux, or any nickname you can derive from that, would be easiest though.
x-o2 Age: twenty-one.
x-o3 Birthday: september the four, ninteen eighty-five.
x-o4 Gender: that's a secret i play relatively close to my chest. i find that people will flavour their interactions with you based on the gender they believe you posses. it keeps people more honest if they don't know.
x-o5 Sexuality: ideally, this would be a non-issue. i don't forsee pursuing a romantic relationship with anyone here, and if that changes, the person in question will know the answers to these questions(and more!). let's just say i try not to close any doors if i don't have to.

x-o6 Music: while i don't conform to any specific genre or section of tastes(frustrating, i know!), i have a fondness for hip-hop, classic rock(we're talking buddy holly and elvis here), post-hardcore, and chick-rock(you know, the whole riotgrrl thing).
x-o7 Movies: not a big movie person, to be honest. i like all the pre-requisites for being a passable human-being(the nightmare before christmas, edward scissor-hands, esperanza, fight club, broken flowers, etc). my interests lead towards the bizarre and the fantastical, also the introspective commentary popular to some films these days(american beauty, weather man, etc)is entertaining and pleasant in a meloncholic way.
x-o8 Cartoon/Anime: i don't like anime much. samurai 7 was a brilliant re-interpretation of a classic story, azumanga daiyo(i have no idea how to spell that...)is extremely funny, nobody dislikes the serial experiments lain, and boogie-pop phantom is by the same creator.
x-o9 TV Series: does anyone remember the adventures of pete and pete? that's the last television series i cared about at all.
x-1o Video Games: oh i do a lot of these... rpgs, puzzle games, and even dawn of war. i play the city of heroes/villains a lot too. final fantasy three, chrono trigger, and other staples of the video-game enthusiasts favourites list.

x-11 Fanfiction?: no, not really. i don't have much interest in popular fandoms. i do a lot of writting, and a lot of it is fiction in a story-type format, but it's not based off anyone elses ideas(to my knowledge. i could be a delusional plaigarist, i suppose).
x-12 Genre?: a lot of fiction, bordering on fantasy in a modern setting. i also like seedy detective-like stories, and stories about people who take the messages espoused by our contradictory society too seriously. i like writting and reading morality-plays. stories about people who succeede or fail because of choices they made, rather than random occurances. of course, to be honest, i also like stories where people succeede or fail in spite of their best efforts/remarkable failures.
x-13 Rants?: not much, to be honest. sometimes i get upset about the difference between marxist communism and sovietist socialism. also, the definition of emo. oh my god, never has there been such a ridiculous misperception, and oh my god, never has it been harder to convince someone of the truth. it's easier tricking republicans to vote democrat, for sure.
x-14 Passions?: i draw, paint, write, or sing(sometimes all of them)every day. i also used to be something of a vandalism conisuer.
x-15 Debating?: oh, i'll never raise my internet-voice at someone over a dispute unless they're attacking me personally. i couldn't care less if people agree with my politics or something. it's really none of my concern. as long as we can keep the ad hominem attacks out of this, i can remain cool and level-headed forever. and to tell you the truth, i'm not even bothered by personal attacks; it just gives me an excuse to act out my malevolent tendencies. 

x-16 t4Lk1nk Lyk d1s?: do what you like. i reserve the opinion to skip reading any silly-spelling. it's one thing if you legitimately don't know what you're trying to spell. it's another when you choose to learn a non-language in preferance to an actual one.
x-17 Anorexia?: firstly, anyone not suffering from a disease can't pretend to make accurate judgements concerning it. this nervous affliction is often used as a method of gaining attention, which is funny to me in a way: desperate attempts at stealing attention, regardless of the cost to self or others, is typical behavior of histionics, which is itself a mental disorder. maybe i just have a bad sense of humour... i also empathize with people wrongly accused of anorexia. not every person has the same biological needs(beyond the basics: air, water, a spine). if you're not experiencing any health problems from your behaviour, who's to say that it's wrong?
x-18 Discrimination?: i'm constantly discriminating against people. but i believe the word you're looking for is "prejudice" or "bias". i don't judge someone based on some arbitrary factor they don't have any control over, unless it's relevant to the situation. i'll hire a whitey just as readily as i'd hire a mexican. unless it's for a play, and the character is specifically a black woman, for a specific and important reason. why have a white dude play a character who's supposed to be lynched for being a black person? see where i'm going with this? i discriminate, i don't do so based on prejudice.
x-19 Politics?: i'm an authoritarian socialist. i'd prefer if people made the right choices, and respected each other's freedoms... but if they won't, i don't mind being forced to do so. after all, if you're forced to allow people to live in liberty and responsability, is it really tyranny? the debate is still raging in my skull, but right now this is how i'm leaning.
x-2o Different Sexual Orientations?: it's all good. love is love, sex is sex. the sex act isn't any more inherently clean or vile dependent on the persons commiting them. another thing overlooked by a lot of straight, christian homo-haters is that the bible frowns on sodomy of all sorts, including heterosexual blow-jobs, anal, non-missionary sex for any purpose, or any sex at all for any purpose other than procreation. and remember, all sins are equal in the eyes of the christian god, so lying is the same as homosexuality, and in a way, pre-marital straight-sex is the same as gay sex(that by definition, in the u.s. MUST be pre-marital). bah, i'm ragging on christians because this religion is the loudest in the u.s. in it's accusations and condemnations.

x-21 I lub Zach!: hey, hey... fluxy don't lub nobody but fluxy.
x-22 Rubbers: terrible. try the pill, or the monthly shot. not only do they feel awkward and taste TERRIBLE, but they've only got a ninty percent rate of success. think about that: ten out of every hundred times you fuck with a condom, you will be inseminated. scary. very, very scary... unless we're talking about galoshes. those are wonderful.
x-23 Get Naked!: you will need to buy me a non-alcoholic drink first, chum.
x-25 And isn't she just first class?: psh. fucking capitalist caste systems!
x-26 No!: okay, okay, hands off! i've got it! sheesh, don't call a special crimes unit on me...
x-27 Someone's ♪fabulous♪!: you know, i have this aweful purple prom dress laying on my floor right now. it's getting glitter EVERYWHERE, and i hate it. i wake up looking like i was in a fight with a pair of drag-queens.
x-28 Alohomora!: more fan-fiction, eh? well... if that's your bag.
x-29 Ohana means family!: advertising now?
x-3o Schmutt muffin: this one sounds like a strange porn name.

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I am ALIVE [17 Aug 2004|03:41pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Just in case anyone was wondering. I'm wrapped up in my Zelda fanfiction. -grin- So I tend to forget about all else. Ask Aze. She knows. It irritates her to no end that I am more interested in my fanfiction than ... Pretty much everything else.

But since fanfiction is art, I get to plug it here! -grin-

Elemental Force, an Ocarina of Time fanfiction. I lub it to death. XD

I did an awesome RP today. It didn't last too long, and it was slightly confusing since the people I RPed with didn't go by the taking turns system, but the idea was great and they were creative and literate. That's awfully hard to find most of the time. It was a Teen Titans-Kingdom Hearts crossover RP... I was going to make it into a story... I don't know now. I may or may not, but somehow RPing it seems to make it less story-material. Or something. X_x; -laughs-

Kay. I'm done.

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the rest of it [15 Aug 2004|10:04pm]


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My artwork [15 Aug 2004|10:00pm]

[ mood | Good Enough ]

Hey im home from Washington.  So im gonna post some of my artowork.  Heres how im gonna do it.

This post is gonna be my spawn work.  some of it is my own images, and some of it is coppied off of others.

My next post is gonna be stuff like dbz and some other things.  so please, feel free to comment and critique, i appreceate anything you can give me, even if its pure hate.

Sadly this stiff is not my newest... gotta get back in touch with my friend Sam so he can scan my newest stuff.  On the spawn stuff!

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application woo! [07 Aug 2004|10:39am]

[ mood | awake ]

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When... [04 Aug 2004|10:59am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

When we get enough members (let's say at least ten), I think we'll start some sort of contest. Possibly poetry, since it can be short and simple--and a lot of people write at least a little of it. But something along those lines, at any rate--something creative.

I'll get together with Aze next time she's online and plan something like that. In the meantime, invite people to join the community so we have enough members to have any form of contests at all!

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Whats Up... [03 Aug 2004|08:55pm]

[ mood | happy ]

So, I'm Kat and I just wanted to share some of my poetry with you all, cause I promised I would

So, here we go:

My PoetryCollapse )

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We're so small... [03 Aug 2004|01:34pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Haha, I feel like this is such a tiny community... And it is! Well, since I was supposed to post something creative long ago and didn't, I will proceed to do so now.

A poem for my lovelies!Collapse )

Wooo. Currently I'm working on rewriting Elemental Force, a Zelda fanfic. I want it to be completely free of plot discrepencies this time, so I'm taking a lot of time to do character profiles and the like... Just so I don't forget little things. But I should actually start writing within the next few days... Especially if I stop getting distracted so easily.

Well, that's all for now. Byes.

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Here We Go... [02 Aug 2004|09:25am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

o0o Pick Me!Collapse )

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Very Secret LJ's [01 Aug 2004|07:44pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Just a quick link to the very secret Harry Potter Livejournals.


Enjoy. Is this community dead, by the way?


Six Flags America [12 Jul 2004|11:58am]

[ mood | happy ]

Six Flags was awesome! Aze came with me... But it was very crowded since we went on Saturday, so in seven hours we only got to ride four rides. We rode Batwing, the Joker's Jinx, the Roar, and the Tower of Doom. We would have ridden Superman (it would have been my first time) but we ran out of time. That's okay, though, because my family and I have season passes, so I'm sure we'll go back soon and I can ride it then.

Roller coasters can be pretty scary, but they're actually safer than a lot of things we do that are less scary--like me walking across the tops of monkey bars, jumping off buildings, and even nearly killing myself on the roof of a park. I hate the near-vertical drops, myself, but I love the loop-di-loops... Which is why I've always been reluctant to go on Superman, but since I've started going on freefall rides I'm not so scared of it anymore.

Batwing was awesome. If you get the chance, ride it. It's the best ride at Six Flags, not scary at all. It really does feel a lot like I imagine flying would. The line is horrible, though. We waited an hour and a half to ride.

Well, have fun, all.

Cross-posted in my journal.

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Community [10 Jul 2004|09:55am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Check out sweet_like_what. Nice rating community. Hehe.


stamped... [09 Jul 2004|11:04pm]
Sorry, everybody. I won't be active in this club until June 30th, since I am going on vacation to Australia!

I hope this won't be a problem!

<3 Charlotte
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Muhaha [08 Jul 2004|10:46pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Just figured I'd post to let you know I'm alive, albeit barely after the park-roof incident... Yes, I nearly died... Haha, okay, maybe not, but it was freaking scary. Never climb onto the roof of a park with your eyes closed if there are no real handholds, especially if your hands are sweaty as hell because you've been playing hard for an hour.

I have to post something creative soon... For now, I'll go advertise the community somewhere... Where the crap are you, Aze?

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[06 Jul 2004|10:44pm]
Raindrops are falling on my head...

Not really, haha.

I'm just being random.

What's going on with the rest of the, what, three members in this community?


<3 Charlotte
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[05 Jul 2004|06:30pm]
Take This Wheel and Drive!Collapse )
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Peter Pan 2003 Quotes [05 Jul 2004|01:15pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

She's not very polite. She says that if you try to give me a thimble again... she'll kill you.Collapse )


-hopes she gets accepted- [05 Jul 2004|12:41pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

♪I am the sexy schmutt muffin♪Collapse )

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Application - just for fun. [05 Jul 2004|12:19pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

Muhaahahaaaahaa!Collapse )

I am yo mama.

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