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General Information
x-o1 Name: Cliff
x-o2 Age: 17
x-o3 Birthday: 5/27/87
x-o4 Gender: male
x-o5 Sexuality: straight and w/ a g/f

x-o6 Music: tool, APC, incubus, hoobastank, soundgarden, stone temple pilots
x-o7 Movies: LOTR, Alien, aliens, predator
x-o8 Cartoon/Anime: family guy/DragonballZ & MSG 08th Ms team
x-o9 TV Series: family guy
x-1o Video Games: soul calibur 2, halo, gran tourismo 3

x-11 Fanfiction?: wrote a fan fiction with a friend once, dbz, he did the writing and i did the art, but i think it woulda come out better if i had done both.
x-12 Genre?: i dont write that often. but i suppose it would fall under fantasy or scifi
x-13 Rants?: i rant about a bunch of stuff. just not in public, because ill admit, i dont like to be flamed for my opinions. but the few things that really push my buttons are drugs, and people who arent honest. im not big on killing people either.
x-14 Passions?: i love to draw, listen to music, and be with my girlfriend, the best person ever.
x-15 Debating?: again, i rarely speak my mind, but what will set me off is when someone is supporting or preaching an idea that they honestly have no idea what they are talking about. im sure youve all been in the situation, where some one is saying a bunch of crap, and you know they are wrong, and its swelling up inside you and you just wanna set em straight and slap em at the same time.

x-16 t4Lk1nk Lyk d1s?: t4Lk h0W3veR u w4nt. but i dont talk that way
x-17 Anorexia?: not one myself, find the idea behind it very akward, but its al psychological, so it can be cured with thearpy.
x-18 Discrimination?: pointless and sad, but i will be honest and say that i do it now and then. like... asian drivers.. thats really the only thing i find myself discriminating. i know, its mean and i should stop.
x-19 Politics?: politics are a very strange matter. i consider myself a democrat, allthough i perfer not to align myself with a party, rather the issues that the campaign is running with. therefore i am definately a democrat now, because i cant honestly say i agree with anything the bush administration has done or plans to.
x-2o Different Sexual Orientations?:sure, not me, but if you love someone, by all means be with them, express your love however you want. i think gay marriage is a wondeful thing, and its amazing that there are people out there who want to take away the strongest bond of love from homosexuals, because they are afraid that homosexuality is contagous or something. thats rediculous

x-21 I lub Zach!: never met him, but im sure hes a great guy.
x-22 Rubbers: well i dont really want a child or an std, and im sure most of the people in the world who dont want kids right now feel the same way. hehe, i have latex in my mouth every night! (rubber bands for my retainers)
x-23 Get Naked!: i am...what, you werent?
x-24 Luke, I am your Father: noooooo! then why the fuck did you cut off my hand? and why havent you explained that liea is my sister? i was fallin in love with her... ew!
x-25 And isn't she just first class?: sure. dont know that one, but ill go along with it
x-26 No!: fine, if thats the way you feel. but i would like some reasons why not
x-27 Someone's ♪fabulous♪!: hurray! i love gay men, every guy in my mom's office is gay, so ive been brought up with em.
x-28 Alohomora!: woo!
x-29 Ohana means family!: i know that, im not really big on that one, but i do like mulan and hercules
x-3o Schmutt muffin: drinki-winki
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