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Just in case anyone was wondering. I'm wrapped up in my Zelda fanfiction. -grin- So I tend to forget about all else. Ask Aze. She knows. It irritates her to no end that I am more interested in my fanfiction than ... Pretty much everything else.

But since fanfiction is art, I get to plug it here! -grin-

Elemental Force, an Ocarina of Time fanfiction. I lub it to death. XD

I did an awesome RP today. It didn't last too long, and it was slightly confusing since the people I RPed with didn't go by the taking turns system, but the idea was great and they were creative and literate. That's awfully hard to find most of the time. It was a Teen Titans-Kingdom Hearts crossover RP... I was going to make it into a story... I don't know now. I may or may not, but somehow RPing it seems to make it less story-material. Or something. X_x; -laughs-

Kay. I'm done.
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