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Application - just for fun.

General Information
x-o1 Name: Kherezae
x-o2 Age: 16
x-o3 Birthday: May o6
x-o4 Gender: Female (I think)
x-o5 Sexuality: Fairly straight... Ish...

x-o6 Music: Rock - Linkin Park, POD, Switchfoot, 3 Doors Down, Trapt, Our Lady Peace, Hoobastank
x-o7 Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean [Jack rawks my sawks], Peter Pan 2003, Treasure Planet [Oh, Jim-bo!]
x-o8 Cartoon/Anime: Teen Titans [Robin's mine.]
x-o9 TV Series: Smallville
x-1o Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Zelda

x-11 Fanfiction?: Yeah, baby--Zelda most effectively, though I've a great idea for a Teen Titans-KH crossover and Aze and I have an awesome HP fic in the works...
x-12 Genre?: Fantasy, mostly... Some comedy, but mostly just your real story-type-thing, drama, romance, adventure, and all.
x-13 Rants?: Zach... Good movies... Zach... My day... Zach... eight-year-old child-molestors... Zach... Yeah.
x-14 Passions?: Writing, roleplaying, having fun, Mountain Dew
x-15 Debating?: Oh, please, what won't I debate about?! I love debating with idiots. Yup. People who think they're high and mighty or who will tease other people. I like messing with their minds.

x-16 t4Lk1nk Lyk d1s?: Idiot.
x-17 Anorexia?: Tough subject. I mean, it's easy to think, 'Yeah, you're stupid if you're anorexic, who wouldn't eat just for a bit of control?' But then you get into, well, I don't have the self control to be anorexic even if I was stupid enough to, and you can just go 'round in circles. What if you want to prove that you can be? Haha. I don't know what I'm talking about.
x-18 Discrimination?: I hate hatred, and that's all there is to it.
x-19 Politics?: Yuck. I don't watch the news. Politicians mess with your head.
x-2o Different Sexual Orientations?: I lub Prince Char... -sigh- So does Aze. She's beating me up because she wanted to say that. Oops. o_O Anyway, bi, straight, lesbian, gay, transies, they're all good. ^^

x-21 I lub Zach!: Mm-hmm, I made that -points to self- He's mine, stay back -shifty eyes-
x-22 Rubbers: Get on your rubbers, boys... It's raining out... // Marcus: Oh, raining? Oops. -sneaks small square package back into his wallet- // -quack-
x-23 Get Naked!: Will there be syrup involved?
x-24 Luke, I am your Father: Only if you give me my hand back.
x-25 And isn't she just first class?: No, I'd be better, Wendy sucks because Peter is mine. -sulks-
x-26 No!: Why?
x-27 Someone's ♪fabulous♪!: Oh, thank you, deary.
x-28 Alohomora!: Do not unlock my hidden treasure box. It is reserved... For someone short, dark, and handsome...
x-29 Ohana means family!: Wait for me! Don't leave me behind! -pout- I just know that Peter's going to forget me.
x-3o Schmutt muffin: Sexy Lexy is the schmutt muffin. -grin-

I am yo mama.
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