charlotte (sunday__m0rning) wrote in immix,

General Information
x-o1 Name: Charlotte
x-o2 Age: 13
x-o3 Birthday: April 20
x-o4 Gender: Female
x-o5 Sexuality: Straight

x-o6 Music: Nirvana, Green Day, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Bright Eyes
x-o7 Movies: The Secret Window, White Oleander, Finding Nemo, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Spiderman 2
x-o8 Cartoon/Anime: I don't watch many cartoons... I don't really like anime, either.
x-o9 TV Series: Summerland, 24, CSI, Without a Trace
x-1o Video Games: I don't play many of these...

x-11 Fanfiction?: I read some HP fanfic online, but I haven't written any fanfic yet, although I plan to if I find something really cool to write about.
x-12 Genre?: I normally write fiction stories about teenagers and stuff...
x-13 Rants?: I can rant about ANYTHING. Trust me.
x-14 Passions?: Reading. Writing. Singing really loud to awesome music.
x-15 Debating?: I debate with close-minded people. People who are racist, homophobic, or some other intolerant person like that. I HATE people like that.

x-16 t4Lk1nk Lyk d1s?: Stop that right now.
x-17 Anorexia?: It's a disease from low self-esteem. I think we should all be a little nicer to people and this would be prevented. I strongly urge everyone with this disease to get help. There are healthy ways to lose weight.
x-18 Discrimination?: Shouldn't be a problem, but it is. Nobody should discriminate against anyone else. People should be judged based on personality and merits.
x-19 Politics?: We all should get more involved with politics. Everyone who can vote should.
x-2o Different Sexual Orientations?: It's natural. Just be true to yourself.

x-21 I lub Zach!: I bet Zach lubs you, too.
x-22 Rubbers: Be safe, kids...
x-23 Get Naked!: You first.
x-24 Luke, I am your Father: No freakin way!
x-25 And isn't she just first class?: Apparently.
x-26 No!: YES BITCH!
x-27 Someone's ♪fabulous♪!: Aw. How nice.
x-28 Alohomora!: Dammit! The spell doesn't really work!
x-29 Ohana means family!: Lilo & Stitch. :)
x-3o Schmutt muffin: Don't insult me in German. Schwein hunt.
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