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Six Flags America

Six Flags was awesome! Aze came with me... But it was very crowded since we went on Saturday, so in seven hours we only got to ride four rides. We rode Batwing, the Joker's Jinx, the Roar, and the Tower of Doom. We would have ridden Superman (it would have been my first time) but we ran out of time. That's okay, though, because my family and I have season passes, so I'm sure we'll go back soon and I can ride it then.

Roller coasters can be pretty scary, but they're actually safer than a lot of things we do that are less scary--like me walking across the tops of monkey bars, jumping off buildings, and even nearly killing myself on the roof of a park. I hate the near-vertical drops, myself, but I love the loop-di-loops... Which is why I've always been reluctant to go on Superman, but since I've started going on freefall rides I'm not so scared of it anymore.

Batwing was awesome. If you get the chance, ride it. It's the best ride at Six Flags, not scary at all. It really does feel a lot like I imagine flying would. The line is horrible, though. We waited an hour and a half to ride.

Well, have fun, all.

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