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We're so small...

Haha, I feel like this is such a tiny community... And it is! Well, since I was supposed to post something creative long ago and didn't, I will proceed to do so now.

Blaming the World
I hate the barren emptiness
I hate the shallow wounds
They don’t cut deep but with their touch
They poison empty wombs
It doesn’t take so much
To tear a world apart
Few can see the hatred
That brews within their heart
In the name of love
We wage a brutal war
The winner can determine
The reasons in the lore
How do we know what’s true
When we’ve twisted everything?
The side that’s in the right
Is the winning king
Checkmate called across the hate
The war draws to a close
White or black the answer calls
The truth no one knows
What’s right is an illusion
What’s right is here and now
Tomorrow we may choose
A different solemn vow
Promises are broken
Torn limb from limb
The hardest lies to see through
Come from deep within
Can’t see through the darkness
The future’s cold and bleak
No one may ever find
The truth that many seek
All that really matters
Is that you live your best
In the end you’ll be gone
Your spirit laid to rest
Who really cares what others think
When the world is so damn broken?
If you stay true to yourself
You’ll find your most valuable token—
Your heart.

Wooo. Currently I'm working on rewriting Elemental Force, a Zelda fanfic. I want it to be completely free of plot discrepencies this time, so I'm taking a lot of time to do character profiles and the like... Just so I don't forget little things. But I should actually start writing within the next few days... Especially if I stop getting distracted so easily.

Well, that's all for now. Byes.
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