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Whats Up...

So, I'm Kat and I just wanted to share some of my poetry with you all, cause I promised I would

So, here we go:

Black Tear

She cried a black tear
When she heard the news
She wasnt sad
Just confused
Her black eye liner
Streaming down her cheeks
"If he loves me so much"
She thought
"Why isnt he with me?"
Though the tears may end
Her pain wont
The confusion of why
If he loves her so
Why cant they just be together?
Even if it is just for a short time
The tears are clear now
Her cheeks black
She gets up
Walks away
Puts the note in her pocket
Just in case she wants to cry later
He must feel bad
He couldnt even look in her eyes when he walked right passed her
She may only be 16
But this is something too strong
To just let go
Redoing her eyes
Wiping the tears
She walks away
A broken person
Confused and alone
The tears are black again

A Slice/A Cut

A slice
A cut
Look at what
You've made me done
The blood runs cold
You're not that bold
I know you think everything is fine
But you're not mine
So I cut again
I know I wont win
A slice
A cut
Look at what
I've done
I haven't won
I never will
I feel a chill
Run down my spine
Its over now
A slice
A cut

And if you like these you can see more of my poetry on my webpage:


Thank you guys!
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