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-hopes she gets accepted-

General Information
x-o1 Name: Aze
x-o2 Age: 15
x-o3 Birthday: May 21st
x-o4 Gender: Feemail
x-o5 Sexuality: Straight up straight! [What my brother Nico always says]

x-o6 Music: Mostly Rock, but some other junk, too.
x-o7 Movies: Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Troy, Secret Window, and more. Too lazy to think.
x-o8 Cartoon/Anime: Spongebob
x-o9 TV Series: Snallville [SEXY LEXY]
x-1o Video Games: Spyro

x-11 Fanfiction?: Not as much as I should. Currentley, Kher and I are working on an HP fic.
x-12 Genre?: Fiction. Anything, fantasy, blah.
x-13 Rants?: ZACH [just kidding]. Patrick and shy boys named Chris. Yup. Seriousley, though, when do I shut up?
x-14 Passions?: Fruit Juice
x-15 Debating?: People that talk about my family c.c [just made that up o0'] and other junk, too. Not that big of a debater.

x-16 t4Lk1nk Lyk d1s?: 1Ts fAcK1nG 5TuP1t
x-17 Anorexia?: Hum... we put this here 'cause we knew it'd be new-ish and tough to talk about. I've never met an anorexic person, so I don't like to talk about people behind their backs. c.c
x-18 Discrimination?: Ebil. Y'know, anyone who thinks it's right is just wrong. Thurr. -says this to make Kher slut up- Besides, it has the word criminal in it-- sorta.
x-19 Politics?: Not too fond of it. To read about it sometimes, like in the Time magazines my History teacher makes us read after we finish a test. I do want Kerry to win. That's about as much opinion as I got.
x-2o Different Sexual Orientations?: -beats Kher with the stick, thereby turning it into an ugly stick- I LUBBED CHAR FIRST!!!!?!!11111111111 [wait is that true? He's gonna be Kari's boyfriend. -_- Oops, spoiler.]

x-21 I lub Zach!: Oh, yes, baby, oh, yes. -fucks-- oops I mean ducks-- in-- I mean and-- covers-
x-22 Rubbers: -_- I, once again, wanted to say what Kher said.
x-23 Get Naked!: -strips-
x-25 And isn't she just first class?: Who Kher? NO QUACKING WAY!
x-26 No!: YES!!! You better listen to me!
x-27 Someone's ♪fabulous♪!: -sings with you and then starts to chant- SEXY LEXY, SEXY LEXY...
x-28 Alohomora!: Oh, no my iron tripple locked chastity belt has been unlocked!!! No one can ATTEMPT!
x-29 Ohana means family!: Kay... a big sexy lesbian family!
x-3o Schmutt muffin: HOOK THE SCHMUTT MUFFIN!

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